Who are we?

We are counting stars to hide all the day of misery and anxiety.
Do we really get the point why do we need a romantic love in this world?  Does he/she really moved you to the point of, you cannot love anymore?

She is searching the pure soul after boy dumped her. We pity her for not moving forward, believing to the fairy tale of this land, which doesn’t really exist — for us. For the girl who’s on the verge of love, all things are just like paradise, paradise that we imagine, paradise that all girls are dreaming of. Love is girl’s shelter and protection. Love is the all side of emotions.

She’s trying to keep her composure. She’s running towards that way. She’s searching for the answer of many why and how. She’s just like a child, going through nowhere that needs to be guided. We pity her, because she’s reading the stars… because she’s counting all the lines that might cure the wounds.

She was hurt. She was left alone. She was crying. She was once a pretender. She once like to play hide and never seek.

She has moved on.

But she’s really not.

A stupid girl who’s staying in the dark cloud of love. Unreasonable love, I say. But in some place we understand the series of feeling. In this world, we cannot stay in lone place. Sooner or later you’ll ask for a partner who can share life with you, who can give a half of them to your halfness. I know that you understand why do we need this disgusting category of life called “love”. We can’t say stop once we were already fallen, and we can’t even notice everything. We understand this little girl. We understand that love is irresistible. We should understand her, because we were once or we’ll be on their position someday, and the time will come that we will pity our self too.

Stay in love, even if you don’t love yourself after you broke. You’ll learn to love everything once you are inside the paradise of love. It’s just like a magic that can heal all the wounds and unknowingly moves you to the next chapter. Do not hate the love, because love is the only right thing in this Universe. You don’t need to move forward right away, because feelings will definitely do that for you.

At the end, you’ll move on and will learn to that kind of love relation. Seize the day!


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